We process applications in the order we receive them, not in the order of the property showings. We recommend showing up to your viewing with completed application(s) in hand. If you like the home and wish to apply for it, submit your application(s) at that time along with the screening fee or background report from www.myscreeningreport.com.

If an application has been submitted prior to yours, and you wish to have your application in second position, please ask us to hold it. Your application fee(s) will not be deposited until the first application is denied. We will notify the applicant in second position as to the status before we deposit their screening fee and process their application.

SCREENING FEES: All Adults and co-signers over 18 years old who intend to reside on the premises longer than three weeks must complete an application and pay the screening fee. The charges for screening fees are as follows: $40 per adult or co-signer and $30 for a “mini” application (credit and criminal only). Please be aware, we will access a credit report and a criminal background report. We will not process the application until the fee has been received.

PETS: A deposit or non-refundable fee is charged even if a pet is kept outside. We will require the tenants sign a Pet Addendum that becomes a part of the Rental/Lease Agreement.


  • IDENTIFICATION: Applicant(s) must provide unmistakable identification. A driver’s license or other picture I.D. is required. Social Security number must be provided; Social Security cards may be requested.
  • PHONE NUMBER: Please indicate a phone number where you can be reached while your application is being processed.
  • CURRENT AND FORMER ADDRESS: List the last two addresses at which you paid rent or mortgage payments, excluding those of relatives. If you are staying temporarily somewhere, do not list it as your current address.
  • LANDLORD REFERENCES: Please list landlord’s DAYTIME as well as, EVENING phone numbers. We DO NOT accept relatives or friends as verifiable landlord references. Any derogatory current or previous rental history may result in denial.
  • INCOME REQUIREMENTS: At least one adult must make three (3) times the monthly rent as their gross monthly income. Because this is a community property state, the income of married couples is combined. Debt balances will also be considered. Please provide a copy of your recent pay stub/earnings statement when you submit your application. Inability to provide income verification will be a reason for denial of tenancy. Income must be obtained from a permanent position or reliable and verifiable guaranteed source. Income must be considered legal by Federal, State and Local laws.
  • CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Please provide a copy of your most recent earnings statement with your application. Please indicate your current employer’s name and phone number along with position and length of employment. Employer must have a licensed business or file income tax with government agencies. Employment must be verifiable for a one year period. Income must be verifiable through employer contract, current paycheck stubs, or tax records. Employment through school doctorate studies, Federal, military, State grants, and interns will be considered.
  • Self-Employed: Please provide a copy of last years Tax Return including the Schedule C form and a current Income Statement or Quarterly Tax Return with your application.
  • Other Income: If you are relying on income from other sources, such as Social Security, Welfare, Child Support, etc., please provide documentation to verify this income at time application is submitted.